Friday, January 24, 2014

Christmas Tree

Dear friends,

how are you? I'm good. I'm lying in bed typing this, wearing my navy hoodie, hand knit socks, and snuggling up under the blankets. We are only heating the upstairs of our house , which means that it's like 58 downstairs or something crazy, no way I'm going down there! Just THINKING about washing dishes by hand makes me cold.

Aaron and I were sick for like 3 weeks (Aaron got sick a week before me, and then I got sick, it was a whole thing. ) This means that I have been canceling a lot of my social plans, my house was trashed (although game night last weekend so it's relatively clean now from that, ), and MY CHRISTMAS TREE IS STILL UP. We got so many lovely ornaments in the mail from Aaron's Grandmother, and they were all wrapped up so nicely, and they are all very dear, so I'm kind of afraid to put them away. I think I might put them away wrong or break them in the wrapping process. I'm not brave enough to do it myself, and I can't get sick husband to do any cleaning. (He was REALLY sick. ).

I've officially invited a bunch of people over to my house on monday for a 'knitting circle', so I REALLY hope I am able to put away all of the Christmas stuff before then. I'm inviting my two Georgia crafting BFFs, and they would understand, but I'm also inviting a whole bunch of other girls from work who I've never really hung out with before... SUPER NERVOUS. I'm turning into some kind of weird bipolar extroverted introvert. I mean, I own a SPINNING WHEEL for gods sake, I'm not exactly part of the 'friday night' scene... so why am I facing the possibility of having  SEVEN people at my house, whom I apparently invited of my own free will, thinking it was a good idea? What's going to happen when they all realize how boring I am?

A lot of the time it feels like *all* I do is work and sleep. And when *all* you do is work and sleep, even an introvert starts to crave human company. I need SOMETHING to look forward to to make life worth living, and I think it's human nature to want diversity. (Otherwise my husband and our little game night would be enough social activity for me. )

I'm not really interested in bars or other eating-out socializing, and the only other thing I really like to do is craft, so in a way it makes sense to want to craft together with other people. I've always wanted to be a member of a knitting group, but I've never really clicked with the ones I've tried.

There's a knitting group that meets here that I've never attended because they meet in restaurants, at 8PM which just isn't my thing,
And I tried the spinning group here once and swore off it. I'm a firm believer that you should be able to interact and connect with people who are different ages from you, but I just did NOT feel welcome or comfortable in that group at all. It was the first time I really understood the meaning of the phrase "generation gap", and it was not fun at all.

I'm hoping this will be better. For starters, I suggested we watch 'princess movies' as background/ice breaker activity while we craft (I'm not sure if this is true of everyone, but wearing a uniform every day can turn the most die-hard tomboy into a dress-obsessed princess fanatic. I've seen it happen.  )
I asked one girl to bring DVDs because I don't own any, but if technology works out and everyone is OK with it, I kinda want to stream Penelope from netflix. I LOVE that movie so much! And it's got just enough 'princess' without being too overboard for anyone who might be allergic to Disney, IMHO.


  1. More of a reply later, but all I have to say now is that now I want to watch Penelope lol

  2. Dear Lyndsay,

    I'm sorry you guys have been sick for so long :/ I know how much that sucks. I had a cough a few weeks ago that lasted almost the whole week and seemed to linger a bit longer. Blah. The way you feel about going out and finding groups etc to join is probably the way I feel about going out and finding groups with moms and kids for me and Oliver. No thank you! I hope that having people over to your house in your own comfort zone works out. It;s been very comfortable for me and Jeanne to get our boys together at our own places. Keep us posted! Reading your post reminded me very fondly of our Tuesday Atlantis watching get togethers.... I miss that :) But it's very important to feel like you belong somewhere wherever you are, so I do hope it goes well, friends are essential even if its in small introverted doses <3

    Princess movies :) Love it! I remember now how much you like Penelope. It's definitely going on my list of things to watch soon because I did see that on Netflix the other day. Were you going to Chromecast it?

    Well, I may not "work" and sleep, but my pattern is the same pretty much day in and day out so I know what you mean about needing something. Handbells is that for me, which is why I am extremely against switching it from Monday nights to Sunday mornings. When it's on Monday nights I get to fulfill my mommy duties and the GET OUT lol But Sunday mornings.... that's like pulling teeth, instead of laying in bed with Oliver and Nate until Oliver is ready for breakfast, I have to get up and get ready and go out and by the time I get home it's like "well now what" Dislike. Anyways...

    P.s I have never been bored with you... it's not possible. So if they find something to think you are boring about then there is something wrong with them ;)

  3. Yup! Chromecast is pretty awesome!

    OF course almost everyone canceled (with really good excuses, like 'my dog died'. Sigh. )
    so it was just Tabby and Amanda, and we watched legally blond the musical instead. Squee! Of course now I still wanna watch penelope!

    I hate that! I understand why weekends seem more convenient for some people, but they never understand how hard it is for family-oriented people!

  4. Oh man that sucks! I obviously understand cancelling when you have to, but it's still a downer on the spirit, which is why I try not to do it. So, Legally Blonde comes on TV all the time and every time it does I think of you with your musical. How does she figure out that the guy is gay in the musical???

  5. In the musical she drops something in court and bends to pick it up, since the guy doesn't react to the 'bend and snap' he is clearly gay, obviously :P

    1. Ok see I knew I wasn't completely insane. We've watched the movie a few times recently and I couldn't figure out why I thought that the bend and snap was how she finds out. That is NOT how she finds out in the movie. So when you mentioned the musical I thought that must be where I got that from :) Mystery solved!