Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Life makes love look hard....

Can I just say that sometimes taking care of personal business is really hard?  Finding out who you are and how you handle personal situations in response to others, kind of like that stuff you "have to deal with" can make your heart race.  I've sent two "clear the air" emails in the last four days, and in the last week I've cleared the air in an area of my life that apparently needed clearing.  I think it's possible I may have had a mini quarter life crisis, with a crashing wave of the last seven years of an emotional storm washing over me all in the matter of days.  Jeanne, you'll get to be privy to the written version of that storm next time I see you because you will understand part of it that no one else will.... ok well you probably won't understand one part of that part, but you will understand the part I'm talking about when you see it!  It's like in that Taylor Swift song "Mine" where she says "life makes love look hard"  Well that's where I am.  Seems lyrics of songs can always step in for me when life seems to fail, they keep me holding on like I'm not alone, even though I know I'm obviously never alone.  Anyone else with me on this??

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