Saturday, May 17, 2014


Oh my goodness, apparently our yard, or at least the garden areas of our yard must have really good soil because it is CRAWLING in worms and pill bugs and little things that.... crawl!

Mind you I am not afraid of a worm here, a pill bug there, a little spider etc..... but I admit I'm a little creeped out.  I was trying to replant a plant that I had put in the box on our porch just hoping it would survive until I found it a more permanent place.  At first it looked like it wouldn't make it and then last week it starting growing new green leaves.  So I decided today wouldn't be a bad day to try to permanently situate it so that I could plant the marigolds we got for mothers day in the box.

There are bugs everywhere.... bugs under the box, bugs in the garden, ants under the door mat that doesn't belong in the middle of our sidewalk that I discovered upon trying to move it back to the porch.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

This morning...

I think that my son is watching Blues Clues and eating his pancakes....

Well, Blues Clues is still on, pancakes have been finished apparently.... but my 2 year old comes in to the computer room with no clothes on to inform me he would like to take a bath :)

So here we are, 8:41 A.M and Oliver is bathed upon demand and dressed for the day while mommy has had to reheat her tea twice and looks like.... well let's just say NOT ready for the day!

Oh and baby is giving me random bursts of energy in which I think to clean things I don't usually.... this morning's was to actually clean the toilets but guess who can't remember where she stashed the toilet bowl brush so that said two year old would stop using it as a broom???  That's right, me :)

Oh yes.... it's the little things in life.... isn't it grand??

P.S  Happy first anniversary Lyndsay <3 I meant to actually say something then but sometimes have the memory of... oh look a bunny ;)