Saturday, May 17, 2014


Oh my goodness, apparently our yard, or at least the garden areas of our yard must have really good soil because it is CRAWLING in worms and pill bugs and little things that.... crawl!

Mind you I am not afraid of a worm here, a pill bug there, a little spider etc..... but I admit I'm a little creeped out.  I was trying to replant a plant that I had put in the box on our porch just hoping it would survive until I found it a more permanent place.  At first it looked like it wouldn't make it and then last week it starting growing new green leaves.  So I decided today wouldn't be a bad day to try to permanently situate it so that I could plant the marigolds we got for mothers day in the box.

There are bugs everywhere.... bugs under the box, bugs in the garden, ants under the door mat that doesn't belong in the middle of our sidewalk that I discovered upon trying to move it back to the porch.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

This morning...

I think that my son is watching Blues Clues and eating his pancakes....

Well, Blues Clues is still on, pancakes have been finished apparently.... but my 2 year old comes in to the computer room with no clothes on to inform me he would like to take a bath :)

So here we are, 8:41 A.M and Oliver is bathed upon demand and dressed for the day while mommy has had to reheat her tea twice and looks like.... well let's just say NOT ready for the day!

Oh and baby is giving me random bursts of energy in which I think to clean things I don't usually.... this morning's was to actually clean the toilets but guess who can't remember where she stashed the toilet bowl brush so that said two year old would stop using it as a broom???  That's right, me :)

Oh yes.... it's the little things in life.... isn't it grand??

P.S  Happy first anniversary Lyndsay <3 I meant to actually say something then but sometimes have the memory of... oh look a bunny ;)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Blast from the past

I've been digging through my own pile of things lately, except digitally. I'm updating my resume and *attempting* to cut a demo reel together (video resume of projects I worked on) but it's disappointing work right now because I really only have ONE decent project worth showing due to the production company forbidding us from using ANY of their footage on our personal demo reels. I kind of get it, they didn't want me claiming I did work that wasn't mine, but on the other hand that was more than a year's worth of work and I don't have anything to show for it besides what was on my computer.

Anyway, among the files found were lots of old Word documents from my various writing sessions in the middle of the night (not kidding, the date on this one was 2008 at 2am!) which I will e-mail you guys once I've updated the file types (they are that old!). But here is one that I found pretty meaningful considering everything that's been going on with us the last couple of years.

"Have you ever had part of your life be perfect, just for a moment? Everything is falling into place, doing well in school or at work, you’re at a high point in your relationship with your boyfriend or spouse, and even your friends are happy too. But as soon as you take a step back to enjoy it, everything changes. If old problems aren’t popping up, new ones are coming in strong. A new semester starts, a new person at work who you don’t see eye to eye with, you start fighting with your boyfriend because you don’t know what else to do, or you even notice that something is bothering your friends. Somehow, when your friends are dealing with the same things you are, it seems much worse.

"You want to take the weight off their shoulders and carry it for them so they don’t have to be so upset. You want to make everything better so they won’t cry anymore and you can’t understand the people who made them cry. Even though you try to comfort them, you still feel helpless because you haven’t been able to resolve your own issues, so where do you get off giving them advice when you’re in the exact same boat? Even if you’ve resolved something one way, it might not be the right course for them, they have a different path that they need to find themselves. As much as it hurts us to see our friends, sometimes our very best friends, stumbling blindly along, we have to remember that someone did the same thing for us when we were trying to find our way.

"The nature of true friendship isn’t someone who points us down the right path, it’s someone who is walking alongside us making the same mistakes. The nature of a true friend is supportive and uplifting, you help each other, you’re there for support when they need it, they’re there for support when you need it, it’s a two-way street. A true friend is someone who loves you for you who are, someone who lets you vent and cry with a free shoulder to lean on, someone who’s happy when you’re happy and sad when you’re sad, someone who will talk to you openly and honestly especially when you need it. A true friend is not someone that runs away at the first sign of trouble, a true friend is the one who stands by your side when you go to climb that mountain and says, 'Let’s do this!' instead of 'Good luck.'

"Some people don’t know they need help and some don’t want to admit it. We do what we can for them, but ultimately we need to wait for them to come around, and they will in their own time. The hardest thing to do for a friend is nothing, but sometimes, that’s all we can do. Sometimes all we can do is sit back and be there for them when we can’t follow them down a certain road. All we can do is to help them up when they fall, only to watch them fall again a little later. Can we rescue them from their misery? Do they want to be rescued? Do they know that they can ask for help? The hardest decisions are the ones we watch other people make.

"Sometimes, we just need to move on. If there’s too much tension in a relationship, sometimes it’s better to cut it and be done. As cold as that sounds, bad relationships, be they romantic or otherwise, need to be treated like band-aids: the quicker the removal, the quicker the sting. Don’t prolong the agony by trying to fix something that’s beyond repair or by tearing into each other and saying things that hurt or that you might regret later. Make it as quick and painless as possible and be done with it, don’t drag it out, that only leads to more hurt feelings. You may patch things up for a while, but how long until there’s something else you’re not happy with? Do you want to walk on eggshells the rest of your life by continuing the relationship this way? Would you be a happier person if they were no longer in your life? In some cases yes, in others no, it all depends on the situation. There’s still no clear line on who’s right and who’s wrong, there’s nobody who can tell you what the right choice is. You need to look inside yourself and ask yourself some serious questions and you’re the only one who can answer them. It’s going to suck. The right answer is usually the one that you feel worst about doing. The easy thing to do is apologize just to get the fight over with, but in the long-term that’s not a good foundation for a relationship. Open and honest communication is critical and if that’s not there then the relationship will fail sooner or later.

Don’t get caught in the thick of thin things.

If there’s a dick in your hand, you put it there."

Those last two sentences were not mine, they were from a professor we called "The King of Cliches". Basically they mean don't make big deals out of things that don't matter, and you have the power to change your situation (or you are responsible for yourself, other people aren't responsible for you).

Monday, March 3, 2014


This past week has been kind of tough.  Not one thing on it's own was really that hard, but all of it happening at once?

 I took 3 DLPTs last week and still have two more to go. I also had epicly bad PMS. I've got a whole carton of rocky road ice cream in the fridge at work which I've been eating at regular intervals. Ugh.
I hit a parked car in the parking lot, although fortunately the insurance process was smooth as butter, it still really freaked me out. How stupid can you get?

Since college I've had a storage unit filled with junk. Kind of sucking money from me all these years. It finally got closed down and the contents shipped to me. Yay!  Which meant loads of stress arranging drop off and pick up times for the trailer (huge enough to fill my side of the driveway. )  Most of my 'free time' this week has been spent either studying or unpacking/repacking boxes. I've already donated two boxes to good will, and I have two more I have to drive over there. I've also got over 4 boxes worth of crap that I am simply throwing out (What was I thinking?? Why did I save that stuff?).

 On Saturday I moved all the boxes of books upstairs to my bed room. We don't have bookshelves there yet, but that is the plan, eventually.
Later in the evening Amanda came over and we dyed fiber. It was lots of fun. We made mistakes, we learned a lot, and we can't wait for our next dye session. I'm afraid I might have felted/overcooked my fiber but it's still wet, so too early to tell. That's the most common mistake made during the dying process.

On Sunday my back hurt SO  MUCH from moving boxes. Every time I sat up or bent over it was epic pain. Aaron and I spent several hours cleaning the house because it really needed it -__-;;   This weekend wasn't very relaxing. Oh well! Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do (Although Aaron did make an awesome steak and mashed potatoes dinner. He even bought red wine to go with it. Glee!).

It's looking like this week is going to be stressful too. My workload just doubled AND I have to get some training done in my spare time ASAP.  Sigh.

Love the Navy!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

To Celebrate Life

We're starting to hit the home stretch. In reality winter is coming to a close and spring is peaking around the corner. Georgia is super confused, 70 degrees one day only to swing back to the 50s the next, but basically, it's still cold and gray and we are feeling the bleh of winter. Whenever we start to feel too meh due to weather or too stressed due to life/work we try to take a step back and do something 'just for us'.

Aaron recently bought a couples book that we are reading through together and I so wish I knew the title or the author's name! (It's on his kindle. It's probably TMI anyway.)

On Sunday we spent *most* of the day just laying in bed reading, then we went to dinner, and went shopping. Sometimes we enjoy just wondering through the isle looking at things and not even buying anything, but this time around we had specific items in mind.

All we need now is some zen music. That can't be too hard to find, right?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Life makes love look hard....

Can I just say that sometimes taking care of personal business is really hard?  Finding out who you are and how you handle personal situations in response to others, kind of like that stuff you "have to deal with" can make your heart race.  I've sent two "clear the air" emails in the last four days, and in the last week I've cleared the air in an area of my life that apparently needed clearing.  I think it's possible I may have had a mini quarter life crisis, with a crashing wave of the last seven years of an emotional storm washing over me all in the matter of days.  Jeanne, you'll get to be privy to the written version of that storm next time I see you because you will understand part of it that no one else will.... ok well you probably won't understand one part of that part, but you will understand the part I'm talking about when you see it!  It's like in that Taylor Swift song "Mine" where she says "life makes love look hard"  Well that's where I am.  Seems lyrics of songs can always step in for me when life seems to fail, they keep me holding on like I'm not alone, even though I know I'm obviously never alone.  Anyone else with me on this??

Friday, January 24, 2014

Christmas Tree

Dear friends,

how are you? I'm good. I'm lying in bed typing this, wearing my navy hoodie, hand knit socks, and snuggling up under the blankets. We are only heating the upstairs of our house , which means that it's like 58 downstairs or something crazy, no way I'm going down there! Just THINKING about washing dishes by hand makes me cold.

Aaron and I were sick for like 3 weeks (Aaron got sick a week before me, and then I got sick, it was a whole thing. ) This means that I have been canceling a lot of my social plans, my house was trashed (although game night last weekend so it's relatively clean now from that, ), and MY CHRISTMAS TREE IS STILL UP. We got so many lovely ornaments in the mail from Aaron's Grandmother, and they were all wrapped up so nicely, and they are all very dear, so I'm kind of afraid to put them away. I think I might put them away wrong or break them in the wrapping process. I'm not brave enough to do it myself, and I can't get sick husband to do any cleaning. (He was REALLY sick. ).

I've officially invited a bunch of people over to my house on monday for a 'knitting circle', so I REALLY hope I am able to put away all of the Christmas stuff before then. I'm inviting my two Georgia crafting BFFs, and they would understand, but I'm also inviting a whole bunch of other girls from work who I've never really hung out with before... SUPER NERVOUS. I'm turning into some kind of weird bipolar extroverted introvert. I mean, I own a SPINNING WHEEL for gods sake, I'm not exactly part of the 'friday night' scene... so why am I facing the possibility of having  SEVEN people at my house, whom I apparently invited of my own free will, thinking it was a good idea? What's going to happen when they all realize how boring I am?

A lot of the time it feels like *all* I do is work and sleep. And when *all* you do is work and sleep, even an introvert starts to crave human company. I need SOMETHING to look forward to to make life worth living, and I think it's human nature to want diversity. (Otherwise my husband and our little game night would be enough social activity for me. )

I'm not really interested in bars or other eating-out socializing, and the only other thing I really like to do is craft, so in a way it makes sense to want to craft together with other people. I've always wanted to be a member of a knitting group, but I've never really clicked with the ones I've tried.

There's a knitting group that meets here that I've never attended because they meet in restaurants, at 8PM which just isn't my thing,
And I tried the spinning group here once and swore off it. I'm a firm believer that you should be able to interact and connect with people who are different ages from you, but I just did NOT feel welcome or comfortable in that group at all. It was the first time I really understood the meaning of the phrase "generation gap", and it was not fun at all.

I'm hoping this will be better. For starters, I suggested we watch 'princess movies' as background/ice breaker activity while we craft (I'm not sure if this is true of everyone, but wearing a uniform every day can turn the most die-hard tomboy into a dress-obsessed princess fanatic. I've seen it happen.  )
I asked one girl to bring DVDs because I don't own any, but if technology works out and everyone is OK with it, I kinda want to stream Penelope from netflix. I LOVE that movie so much! And it's got just enough 'princess' without being too overboard for anyone who might be allergic to Disney, IMHO.