Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Vowels in a Bar fight

As a Military Linguist, I work and live in a very tight circle. I have trouble keeping in contact with my family and out-of-state friends, and ALL of my current 'friends' that I can hang out with in person work in the same field as me. This means that I'm pretty used to being able to make some random comment and having EVERYONE in the room nod knowingly. My jokes are pretty much all 'inside jokes'.  Every now and then - like today when I talked to my dad - I get jolted out of that little bubble, and it's like this weird complete shock to be reminded that not everyone in the world is on the same page with me.

It's cold out right now. "Should have been a Korean linguist" means "Wish I were stationed in hawaii"

It's totally safe to assume that if "Iraqi" is in anyway mentioned in a  homework or test question, the answer is either "Bombs"  or "No power, food, energy, water, government support, or security."

The question  "How can I tell if....."  Will always be met with the response "Context" followed by everyone else in the room smirking at you as if you were an idiot.

I hear about 3 nerdy grammar jokes a day, minimum.

Jokes about obscure middle-eastern countries are also common.

More than half of the people I work with either grew up on a farm, worked on a farm over the summer for free, wants to become a farmer after getting out, or both.
Is it a coincidence that farmers and military personnel are both very low percentages of the US population?

On a completely different note. I made these White Chocolate Cranberry Scones on Sunday. EXCEPT that I didn't have cranberries so I made them with just the white chocolate.

They are pretty good, but I realized after one bite that there are TOO many white chocolate chips. If I were to make them again I would at least halve them. However what I really want to do is substitute the fruit and chocolate for spinach and cheddar cheese. I think that would be EPICLY DELICIOUS!!

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  1. Just a quick comment since its hard to type on my phone.... Yes to the spinach and cheddar!!! Sounds awesome!