Monday, March 3, 2014


This past week has been kind of tough.  Not one thing on it's own was really that hard, but all of it happening at once?

 I took 3 DLPTs last week and still have two more to go. I also had epicly bad PMS. I've got a whole carton of rocky road ice cream in the fridge at work which I've been eating at regular intervals. Ugh.
I hit a parked car in the parking lot, although fortunately the insurance process was smooth as butter, it still really freaked me out. How stupid can you get?

Since college I've had a storage unit filled with junk. Kind of sucking money from me all these years. It finally got closed down and the contents shipped to me. Yay!  Which meant loads of stress arranging drop off and pick up times for the trailer (huge enough to fill my side of the driveway. )  Most of my 'free time' this week has been spent either studying or unpacking/repacking boxes. I've already donated two boxes to good will, and I have two more I have to drive over there. I've also got over 4 boxes worth of crap that I am simply throwing out (What was I thinking?? Why did I save that stuff?).

 On Saturday I moved all the boxes of books upstairs to my bed room. We don't have bookshelves there yet, but that is the plan, eventually.
Later in the evening Amanda came over and we dyed fiber. It was lots of fun. We made mistakes, we learned a lot, and we can't wait for our next dye session. I'm afraid I might have felted/overcooked my fiber but it's still wet, so too early to tell. That's the most common mistake made during the dying process.

On Sunday my back hurt SO  MUCH from moving boxes. Every time I sat up or bent over it was epic pain. Aaron and I spent several hours cleaning the house because it really needed it -__-;;   This weekend wasn't very relaxing. Oh well! Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do (Although Aaron did make an awesome steak and mashed potatoes dinner. He even bought red wine to go with it. Glee!).

It's looking like this week is going to be stressful too. My workload just doubled AND I have to get some training done in my spare time ASAP.  Sigh.

Love the Navy!


  1. Ugh... I know how frustrating that stuff can be! And sometimes it seems like one thing after another. Such as lyla breaking my phone today... Grr. The parked car thing... Been there done that, I know it feels dumb now but it passes.

  2. I'm jealous about the yarn dying, I can't wait to see that! Steak and mashed potatoes sounds amazing, including the wine :)